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Haiku Organic Fabric

Our new organic fabric collection, Haiku, is scheduled to arrive this week, and it’s now up on our website for preorder! We did our first photo shoot for the collection last weekend, and wow did we get some beautiful shots. We took our models up to the Briones reservoir near our house, and I basically just ran after them with the camera trying to capture the images as they¬†did their thing.

Lise and Kathleen walking s

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna


One of the nice things about using friends as models is that they just play, and it’s more fun than work for everyone.


The new fabrics sew up beautifully, and we had some great sewists on the job (thank you, One Girl Circus and Laurie Smith!) The dress patterns above are the Hide and Seek Dress by Oliver + S, New Look’s pattern 6888, and our own Ella Dress.

AYA and SARA picking flowers s

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna

We’ll also be introducing a new skirt pattern at Quilt Market, the Sarah Skirt, shown below. It’ll be up on our site soon!

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna

Four of the Haiku designs will also come on a beautifully drapey cotton lawn. The delicate prints are a perfect match with this fabric, and I’ve been loving the samples we’ve sewn up with it, like the two below:

Haiku Organic Cotton Lawn by Monaluna

haiku lawn s

Both the Haiku poplin and Haiku lawn will be arriving this week, and you can see the full collections on our website here, and here.

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna

When I start a new collection, it usually begins as ideas and sketches, or little paintings – a bunch of small images and impressions that I pull together and blend into a group. But it’s not until I get the strike-offs back from the mill – the first screens that are sent to me to approve art and color – that I really get to see the whole collection come together. It’s always so exciting, and I love to play with the fabrics, usually laying them out on the floor or couch, seeing how they combine and pair. My cats love to play with the fabrics too, since any textile on the floor is apparently fair game. Here’s a little peek at our upcoming organic fabric collection, Haiku, and my cat Sadie, happily nestling in to the strike-offs.

Haiku Organic Fabric by Monaluna