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pink scooters, anyone?


I’ve had so many requests lately for this sadly out-of-stock scooter fabric that I’m thinking of sneaking it, or a similar print, into one of my new collections. What do you guys think? Are you still feeling the scooters? They would probably appear in a slightly different colorway, and possibly a little different print, but I’d keep the essential girliness, and of course the scooteriness. Thoughts? I’d love your input!




  • Emma Thomsen

    Yes please, one of my all time favourite designs of yours!

  • memmens

    Haha part of me says no, I like the exclusivity of it, I made my daughter a drawstring bag with it and everyone says what a cool print it is, 'where did you get it? can I get some?' and I feel all smug. So go on do it again, but different!

  • Drawstring

    LOVE the scooters….maybe in a magenta o something

  • Colleen (bcharmer)

    Ahhh the SCOOTERS! They're always a favorite; I don't think you could go wrong re-issuing them.

  • tamara

    They are what hooked me on you in the 1st place. would love to see it again, a little different, but again, yes please.

  • Colleen

    Yes please from me too! I hoard the tiny scraps I have left of this fabric. LOVE.

  • Linda

    Jennifer, I love the scooters. I like to use them on baby quilts as gifts cuz it's not so “baby”. It can be used through a child's youth. The colors and print design give big attention in a baby gift. It was great to meet you both at Market. Please stop by my blog and look at my “finished quilts” tab at the top to see my recent Monaluna projects: a maiden hair fern dot blogspot dot com. and of course, I love comments!

    Love your fabrics !!!

  • 50cc scooters

    Although scooters have contrast colors which you have shown above. I having original plum scooter, i have painted its seat with orange scooter. How it looks!! i will show out as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    sniff sniff…but I want THIS one. 🙁

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